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Melheim Resort

icon For a picture perfect holiday with nature trails and a number of interesting treks, the Melheim Resort welcomes you to Beragala, Haputale. You can enjoy a long and scenic drive to the venue and enjoy the luxurious setting of the resort. The guestrooms are cosy and lavishly adorned with modern interiors to make your stay comfortable. The resort offers a number of facilities while you can also enjoy a quick dip in the pool in fine weather.

Our Rooms


Our Facilities

The swimming pool, steam room and pool pavilion is located at the lowest level with views across the jungles and mountains.
The restaurant which consists of an outdoor balcony is built with glass paned doors and walls enabling guests to enjoy the beautiful view outside. The restaurant serves guests both Eastern and Western cuisine.The restaurant serves guests both Eastern and Western cuisine.
Other resort facilities include WiFi internet.